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Feeling confused or stuck? We've made a list of answers to the questions we're asked most frequently. Check here first and if you can't find what you're looking for, contact our customer service team at support@bcelebrated.com. We make every effort to respond to emails within one business day.

I'm an activator for a Bcelebrated member, but the site has already been activated. What do I do?

If the site has been activated already, as an activator, you can view the Bcelebrated member's last wishes, a list of the contacts for the other activators, and a list of the member's contacts who don't have email addresses.

We recommend that you contact the other activators to determine what steps have been taken thus far.
  1. Log on to Bcelebrated.com with the log in and password sent to you in the email confirming you as an activator.

  2. Click View Activated Sites at the bottom of the Get Started page.

  3. Click on the Bcelebrated member's name in the View Activated sites section, you'll access a page with the last wishes, the contact information for other activators, and the member's contacts who don't have email addresses.