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Why Join Bcelebrated?

Geoffrey family
I did it when I was diagnosed. Being told I had advanced colorectal cancer demanded that I put my affairs in order. Quickly. As a writer, filmmaker and business consultant, I have literally thousands of contacts around the world. In the event of my death, the last thing I wanted was to burden my family with the unbearable task of going into my computer database to notify my community of friends. When it comes to my own obituary, I didn’t want them struggling with dates and facts. Plus, nobody’s going to tell my story like I would. Most importantly, I didn’t want to add to their grief. I’ve seen the burden with other family and friends. I wanted everything in order for them. Joining Bcelebrated was both the smart and sensitive thing to do.
~Geoffrey Dunn
Santa Cruz, California

Geoffrey family
I did it to honor my grandmother. When my son was born I joined Bcelebrated to record the life of my grandmother so he’d always know about his lineage. My grandmother is a warm-hearted, wise individual who is not at all tech savy, so I set up the Bcelebrated site for her. It was a moving experience to document her life and upload her photos. Who knew that the latest internet technology would actually bring me closer to my grandmother?
~Shilpa Mysoor
Bangalore, India

Anita and Mort family
We did it for our family. We lead busy lives. Mort heads a thriving legal firm with hundreds of clients and I run celebrity sports events, but our real passion is family. Over the years I've spent many hours tracking down old photos and documenting the history of our lineage. Bcelebrated makes it easy to capture photos and memories in one place. By recording the stories of our lives, and leaving private messages for our kids and grandkids we're creating a legacy that will live forever.
~Anita and Mort Efron
Chicago, Illinois
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